DRIP in May - no age restrictions!

Have a younger friend or family member who would love DRIP or benefit from experiencing DRIP?  Guess what... you can bring them in May! We've decided to lift age restrictions and let all ages into DRIP on International Drive (in Orlando) during the month of May.  

Discounted tickets are available for groups of 8+ people, just call 347-855-3747.

Wondering why we are lifting age restrictions in May?  Read on... 

A message from Jessica Mariko, DRIP founder:

Before opening DRIP on I-drive, I had an idea about the age range of the future guests but after we opened, I was pleasantly surprised by the wide age range of people who attended.  Age was not the thing they had in common; they were all open minded.  They were people who googled "out of the box things to do in Orlando" or "what to do besides the amusement parks" and found us.

85 yr old women stood besides 21 yr old men and high fived.  Once and a while we hosted a children's birthday party, family affair or let our cast members bring their children to the show and I couldn't help but melt when I saw the look of awe in the eyes of the younger people.  We created DRIP to bring out the inner child in adults so children felt naturally at home.  It brought so much joy to me and afterwards their mothers thanked us for creating an educational experience for their little ones. (DRIP was not designed to be "educational", it was designed to excite people with things they have never experienced and therefore became educational.)

I thought, if a 85 yr old woman could stand next to 21 yr old man, then maybe they could also stand next to a 15 yr old struggling with their personal identity or a 4 year old who wants his white DRIP t-shirt turned into a cape?  I'm not sure honestly.. but we only live once and we're going to try it out.

 Parents may want to know 

  • We change the gender of our cast members and some nights there may be same gender love stories.  It is a story about colors, how colors blend, interact and change.  Our cast members represent each color, the gender of who plays each color is less important to us but we have noticed that it swiches up the story in an interesting way.  
  • DRIP is part industrial dive bar and part artistic warehouse space.  Colored beer (paint, water and sand) is known to fly through the air.
  • There is sexual content.

 *People under 18 yrs old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.