Next Local Art Night! (Date Change)

Hey everyone! Just wanted to make sure you knew about the date change. Tonight DRIP will be going dark to prepare for some crazy upcoming events. Local Art Night will resume after our show next Thursday with an Oxygen Bar Party!!! :) Can't wait! 

Check Out the Facebook Event: Local Art Night! (Next: OXYGEN BAR PARTY 3/7)

Painty Twister!

Paint Can Chandeliers and Digital Paint Video

Fun Fact: Although you can't see it in this video, some of the audience's favorite moments were when the dancers incorporated the vinyl cleaning into the choreography.  Seemed like a simple thing but it somehow became mesmerizing.

Director: Jessica Mariko
Choreographer: Stefan Dolbashian
Composer: David Traver featuring Jerry Kops
Creative Engineering: John Demike, Benjamin Bell
Production: Jennifer Wagner, Melissa Kasper, Thomas Starr, Robert Hyman
Digital Paint Video: Jon Geilen
Performers: Dawn Marie, Devondra Williams, Stefan Dolbashian, Ashka Kroft, Karen Tubergen

This quick video was shot on a Flipcam and edited on iMovie.

DRIP Performs — Tavistock Cup Golf Tournament!

Photos by Tisse Mallon 

Every year the Tavistock Cup (in partnership with The Event Source) surprises golfers and guests with a brand new themed extravaganza on opening night.  This year's theme was Pop Art and the featured entertainment was DRIP.  We created a brand new performance installation for this special event that included paint can chandeliers and digital liquid projections.