Paint Can Chandeliers and Digital Paint Video

Fun Fact: Although you can't see it in this video, some of the audience's favorite moments were when the dancers incorporated the vinyl cleaning into the choreography.  Seemed like a simple thing but it somehow became mesmerizing.

Director: Jessica Mariko
Choreographer: Stefan Dolbashian
Composer: David Traver featuring Jerry Kops
Creative Engineering: John Demike, Benjamin Bell
Production: Jennifer Wagner, Melissa Kasper, Thomas Starr, Robert Hyman
Digital Paint Video: Jon Geilen
Performers: Dawn Marie, Devondra Williams, Stefan Dolbashian, Ashka Kroft, Karen Tubergen

This quick video was shot on a Flipcam and edited on iMovie.

DRIP Performs — Tavistock Cup Golf Tournament!

Photos by Tisse Mallon 

Every year the Tavistock Cup (in partnership with The Event Source) surprises golfers and guests with a brand new themed extravaganza on opening night.  This year's theme was Pop Art and the featured entertainment was DRIP.  We created a brand new performance installation for this special event that included paint can chandeliers and digital liquid projections.